Wendy Brooking Yoga

A yoga teacher since 1994, Wendy teaches yoga in Devon, Somerset and London.
She works with small groups and on a one to one basis. She leads classes, workshops and one to one sessions. Teaching at the Amchara Health Retreat, at Neals Yard Covent Garden and in her studio in Exeter. Inspired by many different schools of yoga and meditative traditions, Wendy feels drawn to seek out the ‘essence of the practice’ that different schools might share.
The style that she’s found most helpful, in her own practice and whilst teaching, has evolved from her training in Scaravelli Yoga. Wendy is also a trained to deliver Yoga Nidra, a relaxation system that can bring about a deep level of calm to the body and the mind.

“Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements”
Amit Ray

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